Testimonials and Media

A selection of media reviews of Joe Gladwin performances:

Sleeping Beauty – “There were plenty of visual jokes, a good narration, excellent use of much loved Tchaikovsky, and it was all just the right length.”   Blackmore Vale Magazine

Hound of the Baskervilles – “Given the difficulty of doing all the acting, lighting, sound, music, special effects and scene changes, I had expected Joe to simplify the script. Not a bit of it. We get fog, lightning, trains, a flock of sheep, 10 voices and fifteen scenes all in 50 minutes. Joe throws himself into his character with gusto (“the footprints of a gigantic hound!”).  The Guardian

Hound of the Baskervilles – “The audience was enchanted by the whole experience and we all agreed that it was far superior to the television version.”         Priest’s House Museum

Dracula – “Best tiny terror theatre.”        The Big Issue

Dracula  – Joe Gladwin in Dracula, in which voice and stage effect were well balanced in a riot of Victorian horror!” George Speight, Papier Theater Magazine

Dracula – “A glorious romp though Bram Stoker’s gothic tale.”  British Unima

Cinderella – “Great performance and characterization.”  British Puppet Guild

The Professor – “Dark humour and excellent puppetry.” The Australian


Joe’s performances are fun! Why not contact him?

E: gladwinjoe65@gmail.com

M: 07470 253652



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